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Got Cash Flow Woes? There’s an App for That

Got Cash Flow Woes? There’s an App for That

It was only a matter of time until smart phone technicians figured out a way to turn everyone into a businessman.  Two new mobile applications, PayAnywhere and Square, are truly innovating the way we interact as people and consumers.  As reported in last week’s news cycle, these applications allow you to turn your smart phone into an actual credit card machine.  The applications are free, and Square even sends you the card swiping attachment thingamajig for free, too!  Do you know what this means?!?

  • That friend who owes you money, because she never has cash and promises, “I’ll get you back later,” can now pay you back via credit card.  The joke’s on you, my mooching amigo!
  • Are you a scalper who needs to sell your tickets, but no one seems to have enough bills?  Suck them in with your mobile credit machine!
  • Are you suffering from withdrawal, but don’t have enough moola to call your dealer?  You let him know that he needs to download this app so he can boost sales and expand his customer base.  (Fueling your addiction in a more efficient, practical manner.)

Technology has truly figured out a way to streamline business transactions, so much so that brick-and-mortar storefronts are hardly necessary anymore. Forget all that crap I said about bringing old clothes to the consignment shop…now I can sell them straight from my closet, no middle man required!

Posted by Hannah