Got (Fizzy) Milk?

VioAs a lactose intolerant child, I’ve never grown to like milk. In fact, if it’s not in my cereal, I don’t want anything to do with it. All prejudices aside, when I heard about Coca Cola’s new fizzy milk drink, Vio, I felt my insides begin to curdle.

The new bev contains skim milk, sparkling water, and cane sugar, and comes in four different “natural flavors”- peach mango, berry, citrus and tropical colada. Right now you can find the 8 ounce aluminum bottles (ensuring that it stays curdle free) on shelves in NY delis and food stores. Yes, I said shelves, meaning this creamy “treat” does not need to be refrigerated. If you’re still interested in this drink I’m sorry for two reasons: 1) you’re gross 2) there is no Boston launch date yet.

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