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Gotta Get Bumby’d

Gotta Get Bumby’d

I’m assuming everyone has heard of; basically it’s a site where severely bored individuals (mostly teenagers and college-aged men), can browse images of peeps and rate who is “hot” and who is “not.” But why sit behind a computer screen and judge people when you can get paid to judge eager volunteers, right to their face?

Mr. and Mrs. Gill Bumby are the newest experts when it comes to judging people’s appearances, and they are available for hire to work at your next party.  Gill and Jill call their service “A Fair and Honest Appraisal of Your Appearance.” If you possess a high self-esteem, and you’re not creeped out by two human-looking figures completely disguised by facemasks, wigs, gloves and sunglasses, eerily typing up their expert analysis on your overall look, style and vibe, then you might consider inviting the Bumby’s over for your next shindig. It’s like bringing the antique stamp collection you’ve been collecting since you were five to the pawn shop to find out what it’s worth…except your stamps don’t have feelings.

In the recent New York Times article profiling the Bumby’s, the duo reveals that most rankings don’t drop below an 8 on a 10 point scale. If they are supposed to be delivering honest judgments of people’s appearance and attitude, it seems a wee bit fishy that they barely doll out anything less than a B-. Although, I’m sure this is largely attributed to the fact that they’ve been mostly tapped by high-society events, filled with the rich and famous.

What’s fascinating is that people will actually pay to be flat-out judged by two complete strangers. I think we all secretly want to know what other people think about us, and if someone tells you they don’t care, they’re just trying to sound cool. Call me a masochist, but if presented with the opportunity, I wouldn’t be able to resist getting Bumby’d!

Posted by Hannah