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Grab The Wine & Keep Calm… Mercury’s In Retrograde!

Grab The Wine & Keep Calm… Mercury’s In Retrograde!

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Ever have a week when nobody understands you? Your cell phone erases itself, people argue over nonsense, traffic sucks, and your computer crashes as you’re typing the last sentence of your work proposal. Flights are delayed or cancelled, your boyfriend decides he “needs a break,” and life just feels like it’s completely falling apart?

Chances are it’s not just all a weird coincidence, you’re in the middle of Mercury Retrograde.

So what exactly is Mercury Retrograde? It’s a three-week period in which the communications planet Mercury appears to be moving backward in motion. This planetary event happens 3-4 times a year and the latest one began on August 30th and will continue until September 22nd. For those individuals ruled by Mercury (like myself) you will feel /notice it’s effects the strongest.

So in order to not have a total nervous breakdown, here are a few Do’s & Don’ts to help navigate the temperamental waters of Mercury’s backward cha-cha-slide:


1)    Review all contracts and legal documents before signing

2)    Insure/track important mail and packages

3)    Leave early for any travel and appointments

4)    Backup your digital data

5)    Reflect and finish something you’ve started



1)    Buy new vehicles, electronic equipment, or gadgets

2)    Start anything new before finishing what’s ahead on the to-do list

3)    Spread rumors, rant on social media, or share unconfirmed information

4)    Jump to conclusions if someone misunderstands you

5)    Shoot the messenger if someone from your past comes around

The silver lining? Mercury Retrograde can be a great opportunity to handle unfinished business. So roll up your sleeves like lady boss Rosie the Riveter, and proceed with caution. Setbacks can be a blessing!


Posted by Rebecca.