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Great Gold vs. Great White

Great Gold vs. Great White

Image source: Consequences of Sound

There are two weeks of summer television I just can’t get enough of: 1. The Olympics. 2. Shark Week. I know what you’re thinking, yes, it is a pineapples-on-pizza-level weird combination. But, this year Discovery Channel is making my dreams come true by adding a bit of Olympic flair to their aptly named annual week of programming dedicated exclusively to sharks.

Shark Week’s promo game has always been strong ; this year they started off their campaigning with a  commercial that announced it was not only going to be a bad week to be a seal (the mammal), but also not the best time to be Seal (the singer). Spoiler alert, he gets eaten by a Great White.  But never one to be stopped after one killer spot, Discovery Channel just unveiled what has quickly become one of the most anticipated moments of the week: on July 23, Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps will be coming out of retirement to race a Great White shark. The Olympian might be tired of racing humans, probably because he’s already beat them all, but it looks like he just couldn’t turn down the challenge of going against the world’s greatest predator.

Neither Discovery Channel nor Phelps has disclosed any logistical details about how one actually races a Great White. Pool or ocean? Cage or no cage? Left shark or right shark? Will any Olympic swimmers be harmed in the making of this production? What is clear is that this race will be one of the most unusual swimming events to ever go down. You’ll find me camped out in front of my TV with some shark week themed snacks on July 23 at 9 watching the showdown, and sorry Michael, but I’m #TeamGreatWhite on this one. Until then, remember, live every week like it’s Shark Week.

Posted by Addie