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Greater Than Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s Stands Out as BLM Ally marlo marketing

Greater Than Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s Stands Out as BLM Ally

Image Source: Ben & Jerry’s c/o WSJ

The times of political ambiguity in corporate America have changed. Where previously, corporations avoided involvement in politics and social issues, today’s world has reached a point where silence is no longer an option. Consumers are now demanding that their favorite household brands announce their stance on current issues, especially as of recently, in regard to the prominent Black Lives Matter movement.

Corporations that have publicly voiced their support for the movement have garnered praise by the public for doing so. For example, Ben & Jerry’s has been receiving overwhelming support and admiration from their customers for their radical response and call to action. As a result, supporters have flooded the brand’s social media pages with praise. One person writes, “Now THIS is a corporate statement.” Another writes, “Your statement is on point and powerful. Thanks for being an example of a business with value.” Additionally, consumers have declared their commitment to supporting the company moving forward. A comment on the company’s Instagram page reads, “I don’t even have a Ben & Jerry’s near me, but I’m going to find one and support them because they are forever unwavering in supporting marginalized communities, especially Black America!” These very examples go on to confirm consumers’ increasing valuation of corporations whose stance on social issues align with their own.

Ben & Jerry’s has always been a huge proponent of activism. Founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, have fought for years for a variety of public issues, including racial injustice, climate change, and refugee rights. The pair was even arrested in 2016 while protesting against big money in politics.The beloved ice cream company is a prime example of a corporation using its platform to do good in the world. They recognize public issues as their own and spread the message of the actions that need to be taken. As a result, consumers have expressed their admiration and intention to support the company, a perhaps unintended bonus to those that are willing to speak out for the good of the people.

Posted by Kendall