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Gremlin Mode

Gremlin Mode

I live and die by the mantra “…but it’s cute when I do it” when it comes to just about everything. Whining about how I’m still starving even though I just downed not one, but two breakfast sandwiches while my boyfriend still hasn’t finished his one and only (it’s cute when I do it). Complaining that it’s too cold out even though I chose to wear a skirt with no tights in January in Boston (it’s also cute when I do this). And bless his soul, my boyfriend usually smiles and agrees that it is cute when I do it, but then explains to me that I will feel full once my brain catches up with my stomach and that me being cold is my own fault and instantly refers to me as being in gremlin mode (don’t worry I don’t multiply with water).

So when I came across BuzzFeed’s ‘article’ on guys offering solutions to 12 girl problems I knew I had to read it, since I know many of these girl problems are likely ones I’ve encountered that have gotten me the gremlin title. These no nonsense answers are just what us girls sometimes need to hear…





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While not all of these are really possible (I will never pluck my eyebrows with keys, tie fishing line to the bottom of my skirt and my shoes or staple my hair back) I appreciate the bluntness of the answers. So next time you’re veering into gremlin mode think back to these and wonder “is there really no way to get my hair out of my lip gloss?”

Posted by Gillian