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The Best Music-Listening Option You Never Knew About

The Best Music-Listening Option You Never Knew About

I was telling a friend that I sometimes like to listen to Pandora while I’m typing away on a press release (or my weekly blog post, actually!) and he let me in on a website that’s just as good — if not better — called Grooveshark. Don’t get me wrong — I like Pandora a lot. They seem to be pretty right-on when it comes to suggesting artists that I’ll enjoy. What I don’t like about Pandora are those situations when I really just want to listen to one artist or my favorite songs and don’t have a mix CD to pop in at work. Or those times when Pandora keeps suggesting songs that I don’t like and I only have about five times where I can say that I don’t like a song before I’m stuck and can no longer give any more “thumb downs.” Grooveshark allows you to search any song you want and also add it to a playlist of your choice. It’s truly an amazing and very valuable tool for music lovers. Check out their “About Us” page…look how young and hip everyone looks! I believe this site is fairly up-and-coming (and right now it’s free!) so sign up and start jammin’!

Posted by Brianne