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Guess That A**

Guess That A**

I’m not sure how many people are into Barstool Sports but—if you aren’t reading it—you should be. Men, women, girls, boys…it caters to all—well—most audiences. The blog is crude, sometimes extremely raunchy, but it’s damn entertaining. And, for a girl who wants to be able to hold her own in sports talk with the guys, it’s the perfect spot to get all of the highlights you need. (Additional perk for all you single ladies: tell a guy you frequently read Barstool Sports and he will immediately fall in love with you!)

So, for those of you who are Barstool “virgins,” everyday El Presidente (the author of the blog) posts a Guess That Ass contest which is, quite literally, a picture of someone’s ass. Now it’s not everyday people so don’t try and submit photos of your own (I know, I know some of you were getting ideas!). As it seems everything is these days, it’s celebrities—from A-list to X-list, whoever he can find.

For me, Guess That Ass has become more than a silly diversion—it’s a game I take much pride in winning. I mean, I get right down to analyzing the outfit, the hair and even the approximate age of their skin to try and figure out which celebrity bum it is. There are no rules to the game—everyone’s got their own approach. But if I can offer one piece of advice, it’s this: check out other celeb blogs before playing—it’s where he gets his material! Yes, some may call that cheating but, in a game with no rules, who cares?! Here’s a link to a recent Guess That Ass—just don’t scroll too far down or you’ll reveal the owner before you can play. Let the games begin!

Posted by Meghan