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Guy’s Big Fight

Guy’s Big Fight

Have you read Pete Wells’ awe-inspiring review of Guy Fieri’s piss poor new restaurant in Times Square? Were you surprised at all that the king of “no-collar” American cuisine is putting forth blue cocktails that glow like nuclear waste and watermelon margaritas that taste like a combination of “radiator fluid and formaldehyde?” Do you really think that Fieri has even eaten at his terror-dome of a restaurant with 600 seats and a gift shop? I mean, really?!?

As you might imagine, Wells’ scathing review (hilariously composed as a series of rhetorical questions) went viral within hours, it has left Mr. Fieri very up in arms, even going to the great lengths (#sarcasm) of appearing on the TODAY Show to publicly stand behind his food and his staff. But honestly, shouldn’t he have seen this coming? I mean, how can you put something called “Donkey Sauce” on your menu and be expected to be taken seriously? (BTW, WHAT THE HELL IS DONKEY SAUCE?)

When it comes to Guy Fieri, I agree with my hero Anthony Bourdain (yes, I’m considering a WWTD tat) that he really sets the bar low for food in the United States. I would even go so far as to say that he sets food culture back at least 20 years…that is, if anyone who knew anything about food actually cared about what he was doing.

Would it be too hard to have a vested interest in the food you’re serving in your restaurant, Guy Fieri? I guess so. Someone with Fieri’s status could use his celebrity to introduce Americans to the GOOD, down-home food he highlights on Triple D. However, this new endeavor just proves that his true interests lie in that other D – the dinero.

Posted by Jess

Image source E! Online