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This Hair Dryer is the Future

This Hair Dryer is the Future

Image source: HighSnobiety

The latest thing to break the Internet was not the ass of a Kardashian – it was a hair dryer. But this is not just any hairdryer – it is the latest innovation by Dyson (that company that makes those pretty, yet pricy, vacuums that could make anyone excited about cleaning). And this thing is sleeeeeek.

After testing 600 prototypes on 1,010 miles of hair (?!) for four years, the Dyson Supersonic was unveiled late last month. But besides its aesthetic, what makes this thing so different from the Conair I bought at Target for 20 bucks? The Supersonic has a high-speed, 13-blade motor about the size of a quarter, which allows the dryer to be much lighter (less than two pounds!) and quieter than the traditional kind (win). “The Supersonic uses Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, which creates a high-pressure, high-velocity airstream that exits the amplifier, tripling airflow,” says Modern Salon. And it comes with three magnetic attachments with technology that allows them to stay cool through the drying process. So basically, the dryer is quieter and provides a faster dry time with less arm strain and damage to the hair.

Do I want to try this thing? Yes. Will I spend $400 on one? Probably not. But I WILL keep my eye on this, and if I get my hands on one, you will be the first to know.

Jen Atkin, celeb hairstylist and U.S. brand ambassador to Dyson who began the relationship by giving advice to the engineers, told the New York Times, “This is the ‘break the Internet’ dryer.” Your move, Kardashian.


Posted by Erin