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Your Hand Never Tasted This Good…

Your Hand Never Tasted This Good…

Image Source London Evening Standard

Growing up in a country that’s traditional dish is made to be eaten with your hands, I’ve always had to retrain myself from going elbow deep in similar dishes served here in Boston. It’s just so much easier to scarf food down with your own two hands, but it’s also considered to be barbaric and uncivilized so whatever, your loss America. But, it looks like Anton Piotrowski, Masterchef winner and chef at Brown & Bean in Plymouth agrees with me… to a certain extent.

Before opening his restaurant earlier this month, Piotrowski told the Plymouth Herald: “I’m not following anyone’s trends, I’m not copying anyone else’s dishes. I am doing my own food.” As such, the Michelin-starred chef has chosen to kick off his nine-course tasting menu by plating each element of an apple and pork dish on the bare skin of his guests. Unsurprisingly, he’s received mixed reviews about his unconventional methods; some have described it as a “novel idea” and a “conversation starter,” others think it’s a “pretentious piffle.” I think it’s pretty obvious how I feel about it, but if you’re into interactive or experiential dining in general, you’re going to love this place too!

And if not, you can join these crybabies.

Posted by Zein