Happy Hour, Happy Life

You know that saying “Happy hour, happy life”? Wait, no. I think it’s “Happy wife, happy life.”

Either way… happy hour, happy wife… I’d say both make a happy life. And that’s exactly how 102 year-old Mildred Bowers feels too.

Based in South Carolina, “Millie” recently was interviewed by local news station WCSC Live 5 (hey, I interned there many a year ago!) about her upcoming 103rd birthday.

She was asked the secret to her longevity. Her advice? A beer every afternoon (and that’s doctor’s orders!).

Yup, you heard that right. Every day at 4pm, Millie busts out a cold one. Screw 5 o’clock, she says (actually, she didn’t say that). Happy hour starts an hour earlier in Millie’s life.

Now… to figure out how to get this started in the marlo office. I mean, we’ve got a room full of Narrangansett Beer, we might as well start when we’re young!









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