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Happy New Year (I think…)

Happy New Year (I think…)

I’m trying to find a nice way to say “Dick Clark you’ve had an amazing career, but maybe you should pass the torch onto Ryan Seacrest.”

Watching the New Year’s Eve Special with several glasses of Bordeaux in my blood stream, I was looking forward to all that 2009 can bring. Instead, I was haunted by the realities of life and the man who was a big part of my childhood. Four years ago, Dick Clark had a stroke that has hampered his speech and left him a little worse for wear. It’s tough to see the ageless Clark grow old and debilitated. New Year’s is supposed to be about optimism, hope, new beginnings, and the thought that tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday. Dick Clark just reminded me about mortality, how life is fleeting, and that maybe happy times aren’t here again.

I think I’m being sensitive as the images of foreclosure, job loss, and the impending new depression fill the air everyday. Maybe I should think different about the situation and applaud him and the network for being fearless, brave, and showing that no matter what life throws at you you just need to live each day to the fullest. Perhaps it’s noble in this surgicallyenhanced era of Hollywood handsome actors to show life as it really is.

Nope, I’m still thinking about that new depression.

posted by Aaron