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Hashtagging Hooters

Hashtagging Hooters

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Ah, social media. What a fabulous and slightly horrifying part of the twenty first century. On one hand, it’s social media that keeps us connected with friends in faraway places and fills us in on crises as they unfold in real-time. On the other hand, the Anthony Weiners and Kardashians of the world keep us a little too informed (example A, example B).

But, until now, undergarments were left out of the social world. Can’t say I’ve longed for their involvement, but according to Mashable, the gods of Greek advertising at OgilvyOne Athens dubbed undies an integral part of the social sphere – all in the name of breast cancer awareness, of course.

Enter The Tweeting Bra, an over the shoulder boulder holder that posts to Twitter whenever it is unclasped, letting the world know when its contents are released and promoting self-examination in the process in partnership with Nestle Fitness. Greek actress Maria Bakodimou spearheads the campaign by wearing the socially savvy bra for two weeks, allowing her nude bosom to be publicized on the bra’s Twitter feed.

While I’d definitely turn down the opportunity to don twittering skivvies, I do foresee an influx of similar campaigns in the future. Mark my words; I can see it now – thongs and condom wrappers that tweet as soon as they’re dropped to the floor to promote safe sex; bathing suits that remind us of the dangers of melanoma via Facebook. The possibilities are endless. Ad execs, I’d graciously accept a cut of the profits when my predictions hit the computer screen!


Posted by Mary