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Haunted House Hysterics

Haunted House Hysterics

Halloween is quickly approaching, and naturally we dedicate the month of October to freaking ourselves out. Some people stay up binge watching scary movies until their eyes glaze over.  Others choose to spend their weekends lost in a corn maze for hours on end. And then there is the select group of people who take it too far (in my opinion) and hit up the local haunted hayrides/houses. In my case, I feel personally victimized when someone scares me, and I tend to hold that grudge longer than a checkout line on Black Friday.

However, I am not completely opposed to all the freaky Halloween activities. Even though I would never voluntarily sign myself up to be scared on purpose, I’m not about to stop anyone else from doing it. In fact, there aren’t many things funnier than watching people’s reactions when they get scared.

There are many videos on YouTube that will give you a good laugh if you’re like me and would rather watch it than participate; some are better than others. But my all-time favorites are when Ellen sends her producer, Andy, through some haunted houses in the LA area. It started out as a onetime funny thing but now has turned into an annual occurrence. I find myself looking forward to it for an oddly long amount of time before the video airs.

It’s hard to explain what Andy’s personality is like; it’s kind of something you have to see for yourself (if you haven’t already). It seems as if he transforms into a different person the second he steps foot into a haunted house. His reactions are absolutely priceless. If you don’t believe me, check some of the videos out for yourself:

All Video Sources: YouTube

Posted by Kaylin