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Have Your Vodka and Eat It, Too

Have Your Vodka and Eat It, Too

As a broke college student, pizza got me through some pretty tough times. While I have no shame in my late-night Domino’s pizza binges, vodka-infused pizza? Nothing has ever sounded more delightful and would have had my college-self jumping for joy.

Luckily, Scarpetta Philadelphia is changing the pizza game. Now serving up slices of vodka-infused good ol’ pizza pie, Scarpetta is making the boozy offering in collaboration with local distillery Stateside Urbancraft Vodka.

According to The Philly Voice, the pizza starts with vodka-infused dough, is topped with a layer of vodka-infused cheese, smothered in a vodka blush sauce and sprinkled with sun-dried tomatoes (to, you know, round out all of the already booze-filled ingredients).

A few tips for all you pizza & vodka lovers: it’s only available through the end of spring and you must be 21+ to enjoy, so prepare to be carded for your pie. Another incentive to make the voyage to the City of Brotherly (and pizza) Love – it’s available for just ten bucks (and a whopping $6 during happy hour).

Philly, I’m coming for you.

Posted by Katie