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Hello, You’ve Got (Pumpkin Spice) SPAM! marlo marketing

Hello, You’ve Got (Pumpkin Spice) SPAM!

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When the great Dr. Seuss once wrote, “I do not like green eggs and ham,” I bet he could have never anticipated the creation of Pumpkin Spice SPAM! You heard that right, as #HotGirlSummer officially comes to an end, pumpkin spice flavored products are ready to re-emerge back into the world. This year, that includes the appearance of a seasonally flavored meat known as SPAM.

SPAM. The same packaged pork product you found hiding in the back of your grandparents’ cupboard, is now joining Instagram’s most common fall trend. While I can’t imagine influencers holding up the small cylinder container with a festive fall flannel and labeling the pic, “In love with my #PSS,” the product was a bigger hit than you may think.

According to The Minneapolis Star Tribune, it sold out in under seven minutes. SEVEN MINUTES! The new Kylie Lip Kit didn’t even gain that kind of traction. The meat was released on and, with a representative from the Minnesota-based company stating they do not have any future plans for more SPAM pumpkin spice products.

But not to fret, if the basic in you is tired of the traditional pumpkin spice latte we see year after year, (Sorry, Starbucks), companies around the globe are inventing new ways for you to get your fix. Cheerios, Oreo, Clif Bar, and Pop-Tarts, just to name a few, have all created variations of the fall favorite.

So while pumpkin spice SPAM may not be your thing, “Not in a house, not with a mouse, not here or there, not anywhere,” there are many other gourd-themed products you can try that’ll let you embrace all things autumn.

Posted by Alexis