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Help Wanted: Cat Lady

Help Wanted: Cat Lady

Image Source: God’s Little People Cat Rescue

I’m a dog person through and through, but I can appreciate cute cat photos, memes and of course, Hello Kitty. I have limited experience with cats IRL, given my allergy to them, and I am also a teensy bit afraid of their claws and unpredictable nature. So it goes without saying that I won’t be applying to be a cat caretaker. But for any future cat ladies (and gents) out there who also have major wanderlust, you might want to check out this job listing for a part-time position in paradise, also known as Greece.

Here’s what you need to know:
• This is a paid job with God’s Little People Cat Rescue on the Greek island of Syros.
• The responsibilities include caring for 55 cats in the sanctuary, including feeding, medicating and loving them.
• This is a paid part-time job offering free accommodations in a semi-detached tiny house with its own garden.
• An ideal candidate for the position is mature, knows how to handle many cats and will be happy in his or her own company (and obviously, the company of many, many cats).
• The job requires a minimum six-month commitment starting this fall.
• The view is spectacular.

There’s bound to be lots of competition for this job: so far, the job posting was shared on Facebook 32,930 times and received 27,857 comments. If you think you’re the purrfect candidate, get your application in soon!

Posted by Sylvie