Here’s the Ultimate Bunk Bed For Your Pet

Growing up with dogs, I always knew that eventually I wanted a furry companion to call my own. After years of stalking dogs on Instagram, “oohing” and “aahing” over pups on their daily walks, and of course, constantly being amused by Lulu, the marlo marketing office dog…I knew it was time I had my own canine best friend.

Earlier this year, I brought home the newest addition to my family, an apricot colored golden doodle named Rory. Surprisingly, the first question many have asked me is: Do you let your dog sleep on your bed or not? Most people seem to be strongly swayed to one side or another… from “No, your pup needs to sleep in a crate” to “But don’t want you want to keep him close? He needs a good night’s sleep too!”

Luckily, for others in the same predicament, a Brazilian company has created a new mattress with a built-in bed. My thoughts? Pure genius.

The mattress comes with a cozy nook for your dog to slumber in every night. Because while we all love to keep our fur babies close, sometimes they can get a little too close – problem solved!

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