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Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Thinks You Needed A Smile

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Thinks You Needed A Smile

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At this point, I could really end my blog post since everyone is already smiling just thinking about Ryan Gosling (you’re smiling, aren’t you?). But, I’ll continue. I will admit that he had me at…pretty much anything he has ever said and don’t even get me started on the time he wore a Jumpin Jammerz on Ellen: (Eee!)

He was my favorite gawky funny guy in Remember the Titans who has now turned himself into a legitimate acting powerhouse in Hollywood, not to mention being absolutely gorgeous. Everything he does reigns supreme – like that time he just took his dog for a walk:
























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Honestly, the man can do no wrong. So, it’s only natural that his face has become the anthem for women everywhere; giving us that little dose of encouragement we need for the things that usually get us down. (Side note: these memes were big with my group of girlfriends in college during finals time):






















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Moving on.

Emotional eater? Don’t worry, Ryan (first name basis y’all) thinks you’re beautiful:

















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And he’s all about the proofreading:






















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He even speaks to nerds (read: me) who get sad about the little things we’ve lost:

And dishes out the dose of reality that we often need:




















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What makes the memes truly genius is that they really speak to fears that a lot of us really have:


















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Thanks, Ryan. I feel better now about this wine cork masterpiece my roommate and I are working on…






















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His constant encouragement, his reassurance and his gorgeous face are all so on point it’s no wonder why he’s every girl’s dream guy.

This man’s momma deserves a huge hug, amiright?


















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So ladies – if the rumor mill is true this man is single and ready to mingle. Put down the hot glue gun and go out on the prowl; you could be his next Hey Girl-inspired meme.

*Insert my picture here*



















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Posted by Amy