HGTV For The Win

You may have heard that the home of everyone’s favorite family recently went on the market. The Brady Bunch house, one that’s easily recognizable by people of all ages, was sure to be a hot commodity after being listed for the “first time in nearly half a century,” but the bidding battle for the next owner recently got a little heated.

Image Source: NPR

*NSYNC’s Lance Bass placed a generous offer on the home and was told he had the top bid.. until he found out he was out-bid by the one and only HGTV. Tough blow. Thrilled by the win, HGTV shared a promotional video on its Twitter, teasing an upcoming project and announcing more clues and details would be coming soon. Bass also took to Twitter, in his case to express his disappointment in the way the bidding war was handled.

TBD on what exactly HGTV has in store for the famous Brady Bunch house, but the channel hasn’t done us wrong yet, so we’ll be waiting to see what’s around the corner!

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