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High End Beauty

Image Source: Glamour

Hot on the heels of widespread decriminalization, marijuana has begun to make a big splash within a new industry: cosmetics. From moisturizer to mascara, CBD is being used as a key ingredient by some of the biggest brands in beauty. So, what exactly is it?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and, no, it can’t get you high. It can, however, cure muscle aches and provide relief from anxiety or insomnia. The brain has natural receptors for cannabinoids, allowing products to work immediately.

The vegan makeup brand Milk Makeup was one of the first to endorse the use of CBD within cosmetics. Their cheekily dubbed ‘Kush’ collection features a high-volume mascara, brow gel, lip mask, lip balm, and a newly launched primer. Each of these products contain hemp-derived cannabis oil in place of other common non-vegan agents, like beeswax. They’ve seen massive success from their venture into cannabis beauty and many other brands have taken notice. Retailers like Sephora, Barneys, Ulta Beauty and Neiman Marcus have curated entire sections in-store dedicated to hemp products.

Cannabis beauty has become such a widespread trend that Wall Street analysts are treating it as a stand-alone category within the natural beauty market. It will be exciting to see if interest in naturally-derived and clean beauty products will continue to spread!

Posted by Kayla