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High-Tech Houseplants

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High-Tech Houseplants

Image Source: Vincross

Houseplants are all the rage right now, and lately I’ve noticed a lot of articles about the trend of indestructible houseplants and what plants are best for those of us with black thumbs. I am often tempted to put these articles to the test to see if I will, in fact, be able to keep any of their recommended unkillable plants alive. However, I feel like my track record with killing basil plants, orchids and succulents is against me.

But that might not be the case much longer, thanks to a new robot called the HEXA Plant. A six-legged robot that carries a potted plant around your home following the sunshine, the HEXA Plant makes sure your houseplant gets what it needs to stay alive. When your plant needs sunlight, the HEXA Plant will walk your plant into the light. When your plant needs to cool down, it will bring your plant into a shady area of your home. And, for those of you who are bad at remembering to water your plants, the HEXA Plant will stomp around, demanding attention water.

Houseplants are about more than the look, though – they help you unwind and destress, too. And with the HEXA Plant, you can even “play” with your plant, bringing about entertainment as it spins and dances when you touch its base. So, if you’re looking for the benefits of living in a lush, forested apartment without the headache of worrying if you’re going to kill your plant, you may want to keep your eyes out for this robot to hit shelves.

Posted by Sylvie