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And You Thought Your Closet Was Bad!

And You Thought Your Closet Was Bad!

As the holidays rev up, so too does the volume of chotchkies and useless decorative shit in my house. Tree-shaped candles, red bells and bows, bowls of balls, strings of holiday cards, and so on. Basically, a whole lotta’ crap. However, when the holidays are over that all gets packed up, whisked away, thrown out and forgotten – the house returns to a semblance of calm and order. That one month of holiday overload madness drives me crazy…can you imagine it all year long?

Enter A&E’s new series, Hoarders. This is not Trading Spaces, this is not Clean House…no fun gay designers or sassy sistahs. Instead, we have psychologists and psychotherapists, down n’ dirty organizers and industrial-strength rubbish removal crews. Also, although each episode ends with some sort of improvement, don’t expect any fresh paint and cheesy IKEA lighting fixtures to pretty up these rooms…in one episode the major improvement was the removal of 8,000 lbs. of dirt and debris from inside a dingy one bedroom home (including two dead cat carcasses and the owner’s dentures)!

As the show’s credits roll, compulsive hoarding is defined as “a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary.” Key words here: unsanitary and hazardous. From rooms full of rotten produce, to hallways stuffed with dirty laundry, feces splattered bathrooms where the water stopped running nine months prior, and, again I’ll repeat, dead cats! It is morbid fascination that will glue you to the screen devouring episodes of Hoarders, but unless you yourself suffer from this disorder, I guarantee you’ll be bouncing off the couch at every commercial break to put away all that laundry that’s been building up and emptying the dishwasher.

Catch Hoarders on A&E every Monday 10/9 Central, or watch full episodes online:

Posted by Sam