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Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven

Bacon Ice Cream, Bacon Coffee, Bacon Cupcakes, Bacon Salt… Americans have gone hog wild these past few years, the bacon craze steadily intensifying and, in my humble opinion, spiraling a bit out of control.

Well, there’s about to be a plethora of pig ready for the Baconnaise-ing. The good ol’ state of Texas, more specifically Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, has declared October “Hog Out Month.” Those damn wild hogs seem to be ruining G.Dubb’s manicured lawn and state golf courses, causing an estimated $51.7 million in damages annually. A grant program has even been created to encourage county participation across the state in knocking down this overly-fertile king of the forest. Hey, with no natural predators, these things are reproducing like crazy!

Annie, get your gun because the counties that score the highest in this “feral hog abatement technologies program” will be awarded $25,000, $15,000, and $10,000 respectively. Call me pig-headed, but this all seems a little Wild Wild West to me. Pop a pig and give yer best “yeeehawww,” hoss!

So, me participating in a mass slaughter? Yeah, when pigs fly.

Posted by Haley