The selfie epidemic has swept the nation and I don’t hate it. My parents, on the other hand, may disagree. On a recent family trip to Italy, my dad asked me why I was so obsessed with taking selfies. Well, to quote the legendary Will Smith circa the late 80s, “parents just don’t understand.”


#selfiesunday #TreviFountain #Rome 


#StPetersBasilica #Rome #holyselfie #popeshouse

The art of selfieing, when done appropriately, captures the emotion of a moment better than any other blurry picture that results from asking that stranger to take your picture (or in my case, when I asked my technology inept parents to take my picture).

Apparently, I am not the only one who has an affinity for selfies. Take a gander at these Michelangelos’ of the trade:

3Image source Buzzfeed.com

#Disgusted #penguins #Capetown 

44Image source Buzzfeed.com

#mudlove #brotherlylove #MineralBeach #DeadSea 

5Image source Buzzfeed.com

#Tobogganing #GreatWall #China

Still not convinced? Check out this Pennsylvania native who, in attempts to avoid paying absurdly high NYC taxes, uses selfies to document his use of a NYC apartment for strictly work purposes:



And, just to be clear, I was NOT the kid who sat on a 19th century Hellenistic statue in Milan….but that would have been one hell of a good selfie!

7Image source Time.com

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