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Hope & Humanity Amid the Horror

Hope & Humanity Amid the Horror

Image source ABCNews

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. I just haven’t been able to get it off my brain lately. While as publicists, we’re 24/7/365 media consumers and press junkies, I must say – after devastating events like this, I fall into a complete news hole. When these unspeakable things occur, I just can’t stop reading, reading, reading. And for one very specific reason; because I just simply can’t get enough of the inevitable stories of light, love and beautiful humanity that are born out of a tragedy. The cliché holds true that times like this bring out the worst and best in people.

From a concert bartender who held the hand of a dying man, to a Marine vet who stole a truck at the venue to drive countless victims to the hospital, there is no end of uplifting and awe-inspiring narratives to soak up. People who made it out alive have been taking to social media in an effort to find their ‘hero’, asking strangers to help them locate the stranger who rescued them. So many people, without a second thought, ran into the bright lights and hell of a music festival to carry those they’d never met into the safety and survival of the dark Sin City streets. Though I still can’t wrap my mind around what occurred recently in Nevada, and it rocks us all to our cores, something is abundantly clear – one bad person showed up that night and thousands and thousands of good ones showed up to cancel him out.

So, if you’re in need of a little mood lift, and want to restore your faith in things, Google: ‘Vegas survivor’ and ‘Vegas hero.’ I promise that your heart will feel like it’s ten sizes too big for your chest.

Posted by Ilana.