How deep is your love?

Word on the street is that there is a new price to pay for infidelity. Three weeks ago, I turned on the news, and to my horror, watched a press conference led by a Dr. Richard Batista. Batista, a Long Island surgeon, wants his soon-to-be ex-wife to return HIS kidney which he donated to her as a gift of life over seven years ago. Batista claims that his wife began having an extramarital affair 2 years after receiving the transplant and since she no longer reciprocates his feelings and will not allow him to visit his 3 children (maybe that’s because her husband is redefining the meaning of conditional love), he wants it back. He’ll also settle for a cool $1.5 M, the going cost of a kidney these days. Talk about taking Indian Giving to the next level?? WTF? While divorce lawyers are fairly certain that no such quest will prove successful it does speak to a bigger issue: there are acceptable and not-so-acceptable ways to deal with being spurned. Lorena Bobbit style = OK. Death = not OK.

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