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How Do You Get Your Mayonnaise Fix?

How Do You Get Your Mayonnaise Fix?

Image Source: Instagram via @ice_falkirk

Everything in moderation – that’s the saying, right? I would say my relationship with mayonnaise is exactly that: a little bit on my sandwich here and there, maybe a mayonnaise-based garlic aioli as a dipping sauce, but that’s as far as it goes. As a kid, I can recall my best friend’s mom standing in their kitchen and eating mayo out of the jar BY THE SPOONFUL. Nothing made me cringe more – until now.

No, I’m not talking about Heinz Mayochup, but a new flavor at ICE Falkirk, a small ice cream shop in Scotland – Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise.

Everything about this flavor does not sit right with me, but, somehow, I am still intrigued to try it. Per Food & Wine, consumers have been giving mixed reviews – some claim the mayo makes the frozen treat very creamy and light tasting – while others won’t give it the light of day. I suppose I can see the savory-sweet dynamic, but I’d rather save that craving for some pretzels covered in chocolate.

Right now, it looks like the flavor is only available at the small shop in Scotland, but the buzz has been generated worldwide. It’ll be interesting to see if mayo ice cream becomes a legit trend. I wouldn’t say that I actively try to expand my palate, but if the flavor came to the U.S., I couldn’t not try!

Posted by Olivia