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How Green Can You Go?

How Green Can You Go?

One of the fun things about a new year are the many best- and worst-of lists that come out. For the most part, they consist of music, events, and movies, but the other day, I came across the penultimate list: the “Top 7 Bizarre Eco-Fashions of 2009.” Now, before I proceed, let me insert the obligatory warning: May cause gasps, queasiness, “What-the-bleeps!” and more…

Roadkill Accessories:
Jewelry/accessories made out of preserved rats, guinea pigs, pigeons, mice, you name it. One British taxidermist (a vegetarian, I might add) creates “beautiful” pieces from headbands to bow ties to necklaces, so be sure and pull over to collect the next squirrel you hit in the road.

Human-Teeth Jewelry:
Never forget the day you got your wisdom teeth yanked and looked like a chipmunk for a week. A silversmith from Australia utilizes human canines and molars (sanitized, of course) as would-be gems in rings and earrings. I can’t help but think these are props from “Saw” or “Hostel.”

The Recycled Blow-Up Doll Outfit:
Sure, it may seem logical to have a plastic blow-up doll recreated as a poncho – they’re waterproof aren’t they? Pass. The Dutch artist behind this recycling project uses discarded dolls to make windbreakers and tracksuits, and yes, he uses the head as your hood.

LED Eyelashes:
Hands down, the least creepy item on the list.  Not only do they draw attention to your gorgeous eyes, but they carry sensors that track movement, allowing the wearer to turn them on or off by a tilt of the head.

Body Bacteria Clothing:
This one gives the serious skeevies. A project that fuses fashion, philosophy, and science, this Austrian designer takes a look at how invisible bacteria on our bodies can grow to be visible coverage, much like the clothes we wear.  Cue the feeling of spiders crawling up and down my arms.

Dead Pet Diamonds:
Becoming quite popular in Japan, several companies are providing grieving pet owners with a memento of their former fido. The carbon from dear Spot’s remains goes through the same process as naturally-occurring diamonds, and you’re left with a memorial that you can carry around on a daily basis.

Poop Bling:
Yes, you read that correctly. The only bizzaro thing on this list that hails from the U.S., one zoo is letting visitors take Rudolph home with them. To start? Reindeer feces. The outcome? A charming little snowman pendant, complete with top hat! Believe it or not, the Illinois zoo made $20,884 in 2009 sales alone. So that’s what that smell is…

Now, I’m 100% behind eco-friendly behavior and the green initiative. I recycle, I conserve electricity where I can, and I take public transportation. I can promise you however, you’ll never see me running in the rain in my waterproof blow-up doll tracksuit, while waving to you with my human skin gloves, and dead rat headband.  Sorry, Earth.

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Posted by Haley