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How Much Would YOU Pay for a $20 Pair of Shoes?

How Much Would YOU Pay for a $20 Pair of Shoes?

Image Source: AdWeek

Trick question? Maybe. Payless, the discount shoe chain, wanted to find out, so they created “Palessi,” a pop-up-disguised Payless shop within a former Armani store location. They then invited influencers to a luxe opening party for the pop-up, which was filled with traditional Payless pumps and boots (products ranging from $20-40).

According to AdWeek, “Party goers, having no idea they were looking at discount staples from the mall scene, said they’d pay hundreds of dollars for the stylish shoes, praising the look, materials and workmanship. Top offer: $640, which translates to an 1,800 percent markup, and Palessi sold about $3,000 worth of product in the first few hours of the stunt.”

By simply placing the products in a more visually appealing store and slapping a “designer” style name on the products, Payless successfully completed a social experiment, showing how image-focused consumers are.

Payless CMO, Sarah Couch told AdWeek, “the campaign plays off of the enormous discrepancy and aims to remind consumers we are still a relevant place to shop for affordable fashion.”

Who would have thought Payless could fool designer-loving shoppers? Maybe this will encourage consumers to think a little less about the name and more about the styles – all while saving a little money. Only time will tell!

Posted by Victoria