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How To Live Like A Kardashian marlo marketing how to like like a kardashian

How To Live Like A Kardashian

Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

Okay, I’ll admit it – I love the Kardashians. I’ve been watching KUWTK and following them on Instagram for years. They’re entertaining and have impacted pop culture in ways no one has before. Even if you don’t like them, you have to admire them for staying relevant all these years.

Kourtney Kardashian recently announced the launch of a lifestyle website called Poosh. I wasn’t really interested until I saw she had done a video for Vogue doing her makeup, so I decided to find out more. When I was reading about the site, I came across an article on The Federalist that breaks down some of the weirdest tips and tricks featured on Poosh, and it’s amazing.

Here are some of my favorite outrageous lifestyle tips from the eldest Kardashian:

Organic Bedding is a Real Thing People Buy

I didn’t know organic sheets existed, but apparently “non-natural threads contain harmful chemicals and pesticides” and can ruin your sleep cycle, so it’s better to have organic bed sheets.

Meditate on a Mat That Costs More Than Your Rent

Kourtney uses one of these $1,600 mats to relax because it “provides full-body warmth,” whatever that means.

Put Blood on Your Face For Good Skin

I had actually heard about this before but it still grosses me out. You have to special order this because you have to use your own blood. Who comes up with this stuff?

So, though I will still follow the Kardashians as long as they are still in the spotlight, I think I will steer clear of Poosh’s advice for now!

Posted by Erin S.