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Human Hot Pot marlo marketing human hot pot

Human Hot Pot

Image Source: CNN

When I think of ‘Hot Pot’ I think of savory broth and cooked veggies that, when eaten, warm my insides and make New England winters more bearable.

I will no longer think of hot pot this way, thanks to Hangzhou’s First World Hotel in China’s Zhejiang province. With the Chinese Lunar New Year happening today, the whole world is celebrating with special promotions and authentic dishes, especially since it’s the year of the pig. However, over the weekend, this hotel invited guests to relax in their own human hot pot.

That’s right. People bathed in hot water with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Hangzhou, also known as one of the world’s most relaxing cities, is also home to the Yunman Hot Spring, which feeds into the hotel. The hotel dressed up one of its natural hot spring pools with separate compartments filled with foods like apples, bananas, chili peppers, corn, limes, lettuce, and other hot pot fare. If you’re born under the year of the pig, you got to enjoy this activity for free.

Obviously one was not expected to eat the food they were bathing in (and I hope they did not), but guests who soaked did get to feast on massive skewers of barbecued meat and bell peppers that laid across the compartments. After all, hot pot is all about sharing!

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