I heart Taylor Swift.

This might come as a surprise to some, given my general fondness for people like Brett Michaels and, more recently Ray J, but it’s true – Taylor and I see eye to eye. We “get” each other. Which is precisely why I was so disoriented to learn that Tay-Tay and Miley Cyrus were performing together at the 2009 Grammy Awards. While Taylor is a true talent, a musical wunderkind, and probably the closest thing to a living angel that I’ve personally ever seen (she has white-blonde ringlets, for Christ’s sake!), Miley Cyrus is completely and utterly offensive to me – this fact is just brought to light that much more when she’s perched on a stool alongside my best friend at the music industry’s biggest event of the year. It’s not Miley’s (gasp!) faux-lesbian photo scandals that bother me nearly as much as the wretched vibe she gives off – she’s like a sh*t-eating little kid who lies a lot and hits her mom because she can’t watch High School Musical 2 for the 8th time in a row. You are the company you keep, TS – if I were in charge of maintaining your image, this is not the appearance I would have lined up for you. I still love ya, though – BFF!

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