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I Like It On The Floor Of marlo marketing/communications…

I Like It On The Floor Of marlo marketing/communications…

Ok, get your mind out of the gutter! I’m a lady!

Chances are you’ve seen one of your female Facebook friends post an “I like it on…” status within the last few days. Hate to disappoint you, but no, they weren’t sharing secrets of their sex life!

In an effort to gain awareness for October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there’s been a viral movement for women to post where they like to keep their purse (leaving out the word purse, of course) as their Facebook status. The reason behind it? Well, to unite women (except those of us who have NO idea what is going on until we google it — thank you!) and intrigue men. As a (weird) way to support BCA month, it’s become a trend to post bizarre statuses. Last year, women were using their Facebook status to answer the question of “What color is your underwear?” At least that status was just a color and didn’t seem…so…dirty!? What happened to good ole’ fashioned donations to charities?

I love BCA month, but don’t need the future in-laws or, for that matter, anyone on my Facebook friend list thinking I’m spilling intimate details! So if you’re curious where I keep my oh-so-precious handbag, I’ll tell you exclusively here on I like it on the floor of marlo marketing/communications. And yes, I know, I’m a bad, bad, bad handbag owner!

Posted by Alyssa