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I Now Pronounce You Man and…Dog?

I Now Pronounce You Man and…Dog?

Now, here’s something you don’t read about every day. On a recent stroll in the park,  Aussie dude Joseph Guiso stumbled upon a romantic sight—an outdoor wedding ceremony. Overcome with emotion, Guiso turned to his sweetie pie and popped the question. “How sweet!” you say?  Did I mention the object of his affection was his Labrador? After taking the pup’s silence to mean implied consent, Guiso and his betrothed tied the knot before thirty of their closest friends and family. “It’s not sexual. It’s just pure love,” the groom told the guests. The bride had no comment.

Dogs are wonderful (I have four back home in Kentucky) and are great for unconditional companionship, but does that necessitate nuptials? Methinks not. Either way, I’m itching to hear what the “sanctity of marriage” advocates have to say about this one!

Posted by Abby