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I Scream for Alternative Ice Cream

I Scream for Alternative Ice Cream

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It’s been really really %$#*&^* hot. And what’s better on a 100% humidity day like we’ve had of late? Two ginormous refreshing and creamy scoops of made-in-America ice cream. Well not for me! I have had to give up this sweet nectar of the gods after recently being made aware that I am allergic to dairy. My reaction – somewhat overdramatically undergoing the 5 stages of grief and loss in my white paper gown. My doctor, in his smug lactose tolerant little voice, suggested that I simply find an ice cream alternative. ALTERNATIVE?!  I mean, anything can be described as an alternative to ice cream – an apple, a pedicure, a punch in the face… needless to say I left in an inconsolable state. No more Captain Dusty’s at Singing Beach!?  What will I tell my first-name-basis barista at Pinkberry (I’m so sorry Karen)? What do you mean everything from chewing gum to chips to protein bars has dairy?

And then, one blazing hot day a few weeks ago, whilst sullenly skulking down Centre St. in Jamaica Plain, something amazing happened…FoMu. And there it was on the sign, as if it had been destined for me: “Alternative Ice Cream.”























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With over 21 rotating dairy free flavors made daily from coconut and almond milk, my prayers had been answered! The small batch, all natural creative concoctions are dare I say it, as good as the real thing. The barista, amused by pilgrimage-esque prostrations, mentioned that it isn’t too hard to make in the comfort of your own home. I was in such a euphoric and sugar-shock (I tried every flavor, #noshame) induced state upon returning home I bought a quart of coconut milk, cocoa powder and my very own teal Cuisinart ice cream maker to cry tears of joy into. Ah, the possibilities!

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