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I See It, I Like it, I Want It, I Got It

Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar

In honor of Ariana Grande’s second album in six months dropping recently, I’d like to talk about the single “7 Rings.” To start, as said by a girl boss in her own right, @TiaTaylor, “7 Rings is objectively a bop.” Secondly, I’m really annoyed that everyone is annoyed by this song. Ariana Grande has been through a lot, and “7 Rings” is a bit of aggressive female bad-ass empowerment, and I think she deserves to have this moment to “flex.” And honestly, so does the female population in general.

“But it’s materialistic.” Ok. It definitely is. Annnnd so is nearly every rap song on the radio. We also live in a capitalist country, which thrives via materialism. So, not sure what you’re getting at there. God forbid Ariana Grande, as a woman, brags about her material possessions and financial accomplishments. “7 Rings” sits on my “Hubris” playlist, among a few songs from Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and a whole lot of Drake. Also, I just wanted to point out that Ariana managed to drop a song about her financial success without objectifying men in the process, while men in the same position can’t seem to do that without objectifying women. Just a thought. Just an observation. 😊

Anyway – I take “7 Rings” to be part of her healing journey, and a song celebrating the things she has and the things she’s earned, when a lot of things are tough. In her own words “Been through some bad sh*t, I should be a sad b*tch, who would have thought it’d turn me to a savage.” Guys – she literally spelled it out for you. Instead of getting weepy about some things that have happened to her, she is arming up. Is retail therapy truly a great healing method? Probably not. Do I think this second album drop is the upswing of a manic-depressive episode? Most likely. In sum, let “7 Rings” be what it is, a song that celebrates Ariana’s financial independence, if not a bit bitterly, and move on.

Posted by Giana