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I See London, I See France…I See Kellan Lutz’ Underpants

I See London, I See France…I See Kellan Lutz’ Underpants

Okay — anyone who’s passed by Lord & Taylor on Boylston St. recently and tried to play it off that they didn’t do a lil’ double-take at the new Calvin campaign is lying. Even the hetero males — I’ve seen your sideways glances!

The X MarkYourSpot marketing campaign stars Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata, Twilighter Kellan Lutz, True Blood eye-candy Mehcad Brooks, and my fave…Spanish tennis sensation, Fernando Verdasco. Most of us don’t get much further than the sexy images and videos, enjoying the soft-core sales pitch in the spirit it was intended…drool. For god sakes, the tagline is “Do you want to see my dick?”.

However, as a marketing professional, I’ve got to say, there is some cool stuff going on here with web-based advertising. Flipping through GQ I was greeted first by one of the aforementioned slabs of meat and while ‘reading between the lines’ so-to-speak I noticed that the page also had a ‘X’ graphic box encouraging me to hop online and hold up the image to my webcam for access to even more homoerotic goodies. It was 9:30 pm, I was a little drunk, and the room was dark, so as soon as my own image popped up on the screen, looking back at me, creepily holding up the magazine to the MacBook in an effort to see more men in underwear, I officially grossed myself out and scrapped the idea. However, for the throngs of GQ readers and online visitors who do see this through — it’s a pretty amazing tool for engaging customers and an intriguing example of the convergence of online and print journalism & advertising.

Posted by Sam

PS: For a different perspective…Queerty’s advice on how to take this new marketing campaign to the extreme: Host underwear fittings with this fab foursome, create a DVD of the photo shoot in the style of our favorite French rugby team, market a high-priced limited-edition autographed collection, and finally, auction off the skivvies these boys wore during the shoot…kinky!