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Siblings Who Cross the Line + Racially-Charged Costumes: Who Knew Ice Dancing Was So Controversial?

Siblings Who Cross the Line + Racially-Charged Costumes: Who Knew Ice Dancing Was So Controversial?

As much as I’d love to have seen Johnny Weir skate to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” during the 2010 Vancouver games, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that’s it’s probably not going to happen (given the fact that, well, they’re over and all!). There’s a certain level of decorum from Olympic athletes that I’ve come to expect over the years. Think: traditional costumes, safe classical music, a distinct lack of glitter. The brazen showboatin’ and tarted-up look is generally reserved for the gymnasts during the summer Olympics; everyone knows that.

You can understand my shock, then, as I clutched my proverbial pearls and gasped in horror during last week’s ice dancing competition. First up, the majority of these dancing couples happen to be brother-sister duos, which is slightly odd when you consider the places that some of their faces end up when performing less-than-chaste moves, but not quite enough to scandalize. No, full scandalization was reserved to a couple of teams’ costume and musical choices – namely, the Russian couple who rocked slightly offensive Aboriginal gear and all but licked each other’s asses in a show of primitiveness. How in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did these costumes and the corresponding choreography make it past the Olympic judges/censors? Sure, they’ll send a winner home for letting a drunk girl bite his medal in a bar, but it’s “full steam ahead” for a night of racially/culturally/ethnically-offensive ridiculousness?

I expected more.

Posted by Amelia