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I’d Probably Lose My Shit Too (or NOT)

I’d Probably Lose My Shit Too (or NOT)

Image source US Magazine

It was recently reported that Cameron Diaz pitched a hissy when her stylist accidentally gave her a haircut that aged the 39-year old man eater about 20 years into Ellen Barkin territory. [Disclaimer: Ellen Barkin is a seriously bangin’ almost-60 year old, but not exactly someone you want to look like twinsies with when you’re under 40.]

I don’t really think Cameron’s haircut is all that bad (it’s actually longer than her hair in There’s Something About Mary), and I can’t really relate to “yelling” and “screaming” at a stylist for a bad ‘do. After all, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back. Yada yada yada. This is coming from someone who was given a salt & pepper dye job by an inexperienced colorist at the tender age of 18. I did not cry. I did not yell. I didn’t even ask for it to be fixed. I rocked it, naturally, because that’s what you do. You own your shit and get on with your life. And if all else fails, just pull a Britney.

Posted by Amelia