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If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…What’s This One Saying?

If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…What’s This One Saying?

I think Don Draper would choke on his cigarette and spit up his Old Fashioned if he saw the ad campaigns of the new millennium.

In an attempt to convince us just how hipster and edgy they actually are, American Apparel  has a new ad featuring a twenty-something, rockin’ a classic nude cable knit, white lacy panties (I despise that word, but in this scenario it must be used)…and her bush.  While I admire the attempt to embrace this season’s “in” colors (neutrals) the retro clothing line has certainly made it clear that they want to be anything but.

From this one image alone, I could easily write a thousand words on the representation of the modern female and the evolution of female “grooming” habits as symbols of a repressed female culture in a dominantly male society…but I’m no longer a college student, so I don’t have to!  Not only that, I just don’t think American Apparel is saying much—except for maybe in this ad where the girl is climbing a tree; it says “I’m slutty and I enjoy the out-of-doors.”

What would Don Draper have to say about such an overtly desperate ad that leaves nothing to the imagination?  He’d certainly be disappointed in the agency…although maybe not so much in the girl with the bush.

Posted by Hannah