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If These Shoes Could Talk

If These Shoes Could Talk

Image source Shoeper Women

When it comes to fashion, my suburbs-to-city commute and early morning wake-ups typically label me as more practical than chic. Footwear is no exception. My occasional pair of heels is usually tucked away in my oversized bag until I’m comfortably in the office, seated, with flip flops stowed under my desk.

That said, the recent delivery of sobering shoe-related news from researchers at the University of Kansas was troubling at best. According to the KU study, students were able to correctly judge 90% of a stranger’s personal characteristics (we’re talking age, income, gender, political affiliation and emotions) just by glancing at their shoes. Eek!

I’m left with a daunting question: What the hell does my chosen footwear say about me!?

For starters, the strappy tan wedges I’m wearing right now are the same ones I wore two days ago (I know, a total crime of fashion), because they were the first pair I saw as I hurried out of the house this morning. The light pink flats in my purse, meant as a means of salvation when the wedges come off for my walk from Copley Square to North Station tonight, match way too well with my similarly light pink dress, revealing that the unwritten rules of accessorizing are not in the forefront of my mind. The seven or so pairs of neglected sandals sitting in an RWU laundry bag in the back seat of my car would tell you that unpacking from college hasn’t been my top priority in the four weeks I’ve been home since graduation (…or maybe they’d tell you I’m in denial that college is over? Not sure I want to hear what those guys have to say on that subject.). The collection of flats strewn across my closet floor with worn out souls and scuffed toes would reveal my constant speed-walker’s pace and my continuous ranking of function over fashion. Oh, and my sneakers? They’d be eager to tell you that they aren’t seeing much daylight these days.

Basically, if people are judging me on my chosen footwear alone, I’m screwed.

According to the experts on my somewhat shabby feet, flip-flops and less expensive shoes typically belong to liberal thinkers, and practical, functional shoes are worn by agreeable people. I can handle that. Research findings also include the groundbreaking discoveries that flashy and colorful shoes tend to belong to extroverts (duh), and expensive shoes are owned by people with high salaries (double duh).

Needless to say, I’ll think twice before donning my tattered wedges for a third day this week. But hey, at least I don’t wear Crocs!

Posted by Mary