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If You Make It, They Will Eat It.

If You Make It, They Will Eat It.

Drunk munchies; it’s the one and only thing you can depend upon happening to you at the end of an aggressive night at the bar. If you’re not one of these people, I don’t like you. Late-night noshing is probably one of the most enjoyable, hilarious scenes of an evening, and I’d much rather stuff my face when I’m drunk (so I can pretend it didn’t happen) than have to stuff my face in the morning to try and avoid the inevitable hangover.

Most after-midnight options around town tend to be guilty pleasures like pizza or intriguing (read: unidentifiable) street meat, but not if you live in Brooklyn.

It’s no surprise that in the hipster capital of the world you can get free, made-to-order guacamole, street side, as you stumble home to your Williamsburg loft. No ladies and gentleman, it is not a mirage; it’s Gorilla Guac (thank you, UrbanDaddy). Alas, there is a god who answers to every vodka-soda drinking girls’ calorie-conscious prayers!

This guy, Richard Sloven, is an absolute angel! He just sets up his little table in various locations and waits for the people to come to him; he doesn’t even charge for his freshly fried chips or hand-mashed avocado mixture! What more could you ask for?

Well, there’s one thing I could ask for: CAN YOU PLEASE MOVE TO BOSTON?

Posted by Hannah