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If you were candy what would you be?

If you were candy what would you be?

With the economy as it is, for this year’s mm/c Christmas party we played a new kind of low-cost “Secret Santa.”  We started out normal and all by drawing names out of a hat…but that was where any resemblance to the traditional holiday game ended. Instead of gag gifts or gifts under $20 or whatever other boring iteration most companies come up with, we were charged with buying candy that reminded us of our recipient. Brianne got Marlo a Payday (because she pays the bills, duh!) and even went so far as to order online some crazy luxurious detox chocolate (pretty sure the detox part is all in the packaging) in homage to Marlo’s obsession with detoxing. Of course they give me, the social media computer guy, Nerds. Personally I would have gone for Pop Rocks because I’m a rock ‘n roll father, but working with all these fashionistas I understand the nerd angle. Alyssa got a bag of black and white m & m’s, to represent the color scheme of her wardrobe, along with a very attractive Pez dispenser, because apparently Sam thinks she looks like a little plastic figurine. Jillian got Laffy Taffy and Chuckles…enough said! Brianne “B-dawg” Barrett got a bowl of dog food candy and Sam got a candy cell phone because, well, he’s always on the phone. Elizabeth, Meghan, Dave, Nicole and Julie all were idealized in candy, too….but I can’t remember what they were now. A good…and sweet…time was had by all!

posted by Aaron