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Since my post ran on being trashy, now affectionately called “The List,” I have received a number of inquiries about what I consider trashy and what I consider classy. Ladies and gents, I present to you the much anticipated “#IHaveArrived!” list.

We all aim to be a star in some way, big or small. Little things, like someone using your name in conversation or having the paper guy light up as you approach his stand (this happens to me every morning), do great things to our self-esteem. But when have you really made it?






1. When the Equinox greeters know your name and check you in without your key card.
This is awesome not only because it probably means you’re fit (read: skinny) from going to the gym so much, but also because it means you have some say in a place full of demanding patrons. Want CNN changed to Bravo? (ALWAYS.) Just wave your hand. Want to sneak your girlfriend in for a few days? They’ll turn a blind eye.










2. Rolling up to Starbucks and having the barista already filling out your order.
There is nothing worse than a barista who can’t follow your drink (really, is a venti, non-fat, 3-pump, extra coffee, vanilla misto SO hard?), especially during the morning rush. For whatever reason, you look like the ass when they mess up your order. You know you’ve made it when the cashier looks at you and says “the usual?” and even gives you the shot for free. This has yet to happen to me, but I’m convinced it’s because I frequent so many different locations.

I suppose this also works for your favorite drink spots…but that has its pros and cons…









3. Sipping champ in a stranger’s home.
There are some stipulations to this, because anyone can sip champagne in a stranger’s home; it’s called New Year’s Eve. Champagne should be, at the very least, Veuve Clicquot, snacks must involve either seafood or something very fatty, like foie gras, and the venue has to be unique. Let’s say a private estate on Nantucket, sans owners, or a mansion with an infinity pool in the middle of a city (trust me, it’s possible). I’m the one with the skinny arm on the left.













4. Getting profiled by a fashion blog for your ‘street style.’
Most people think they don’t care about this, but if you really think about it, you do. How great do you feel when someone compliments an accessory or piece of clothing? You instantly get a little pomp in your stomp. Having the store manager at Ralph Lauren admire your cape jacket, or a Bodega sales person notice your sweet kicks, definitely reaches a level of arrival. But the ultimate gig is having someone pick you out of a crowd and publish their obsession with you. I don’t care if it’s on Fashionista or on PANORAMA’s Facebook page (Damn you, Abby Steinbock!), it means you stand out, and you got chops.








5. When you can get the DJ to play “Call Me Maybe”…from your cell phone.
This is a skill. DJs play what they want to play, and have their own signature styles, which they certainly can’t taint by playing a song from some biddie’s personal collection. “Call Me Maybe” is probably the only song that this works with. Carly Rae Jepson, YOU have arrived.

I’m only 24, so I’m sure I’ll have many more things to add to this list, but until then, STRIVE TO ARRIVE!

Posted by Hannah

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