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IKEA’s Latest Fail: The Ninja Dog

IKEA’s Latest Fail: The Ninja Dog

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The Scandinavian made-to-assemble (and induce migraines) giant IKEA hasn’t had the best run of late. The furniture company recently recalled 29 million dressers in the US alone because they have the tendency to tip over and seriously injure, and in some cases kill, nearby children. While it’s far less serious, IKEA Japan’s new Ninja Dog is also pretty grim.

In addition to meat balls, which may or may not contain horse, residents of Japan can now enjoy a 30cm-long dog and bun, which are colored with edible bamboo charcoal. This monstrosity was created specifically for IKEA Japan’s 10th anniversary, because somehow nothing else says “let’s celebrate!” like a black, $3 monochromatic meat stick.

Posted by Amanda.