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I’ll Have a Large ‘McMarriage’ & Some Fries, Please

I’ll Have a Large ‘McMarriage’ & Some Fries, Please

For any of you who have met the love of your life in line to get a Big Mac, fries and Coke, you may want to start looking at airfares on Air China.

Starting January 1, 2011, couples in Hong Kong looking to tie the knot under the Golden Arches are in luck. For the bargain price of $400, a wedding for a hundred guests includes McDonald’s dinner, personalized decorations, an apple pie wedding cake and Happy Meal toys as parting gifts.

Hopefully by the time I’m engaged they’ll offer this in the US (just kidding, Mom). I think I’m going to opt out of this one…but I wonder if the Supersize Me guy is interested?

Posted by Sarah