I’ll take a #2 Special Ordered with Lettuce Fringe…

Whether you’re a fan of cutting-edge fashion or just like a big, juicy ‘ole hamburger every so often, you’re in luck. Fashion designer Joy Kampia has a collection called Table for Eight that features all of the staples of your local diner: ice cream sundaes, ice cream cones, donuts and—you guessed it—hamburgers—all in the form of haute couture (…err, or something like that).

Glamour.com  recently reported on this collection and as much as I would never be caught dead in one of these designs, I secretly adore them. I mean, how creative?! Can’t you just picture Lady Gaga dressed as an ice cream sundae in her next music video?

For the foodie and fashionista in all of us…here’s to celebrating fashion that’s not on a diet!

Posted by Alyssa

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